Hot Topic: Manure Injection Systems

Are you looking into a state of the art manure injection system for your farm? Investing in a high quality piece of equipment can be one of the wisest decisions you make for your business. For those who want to increase their crop production, have a more uniformly produced crop, and become more efficient farmers while increasing […]

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Manure Injection Benefits

Farmers have many ways of fertilizing their farm to produce the best crop possible. Some of these methods have been handed down for generation, and many farmers swear by them. However, with changing times comes a change in technology. New, more efficient ways of fertilizing your farm are now available through manure injection systems. Here are […]

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Manure Spreading Techniques

There are many great ways that you can go about fertilizing your land to produce an abundant, healthy crop. Many farmers have their own preferred method, but few are as beneficial and efficient as manure injection. Equipment is now available on the market that helps inject manure into the soil, tilling the land as you go and […]

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The Right Manure Injection Equipment

Are you looking for manure injection systems to help boost your crops production? Maybe you are searching for a system for manure injection that can help cut back on your fertilization time? VTI LLC has been creating farming and fertilization equipment for many years to help you increase your crop production and decrease your fertilization time. 1.    High […]

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Manure Injection Equipment: Selecting the Right One

There are so many different fertilization techniques and methods that farmers use on their farms. Many have been handed down throughout generations, such as manure spreading, and many are cutting edge and are up to date with current farming practices. Our manure injection equipment at VTI LLC has been created by farmers, for farmers, with reinforced material […]

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High tech manure handling equipment

Farmers around the world are thankful for the superior high tech manure handling equipment created and sold by Vertical Till Injector LLC. Their attention to detail in their manure handling equipment is second to none. Their toolbars measure 6″ x 6″, and they boast 1/2 inch wall steel. Each piece of hardware comes in at grade eight […]

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Not All Toolbars are Created Equal

When looking for a new manure tool bars, it’s not just wise to look at the nozzles, injector and manifolds. The toolbar provides the back bone for your productive equipment to accomplish their precise tasks. When considering which one to purchase to replace your aging equipment, take into consideration the manufacture of the muscle holding up […]

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How Injection Manure Tool Bars Help Your Farm

Manure tool bars are one of the trickiest to understand aspects of manure application. They are designed to perform a variety of tasks that make them an essential part of your farm. Liquid manure tool bars are something that every farmer should understand fully before purchasing one. But what exactly are these tool bars? And how can they […]

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ATV’s & UTVs

Are you looking for a powerful, high-quality ATV or UTV for the farm, off-terrain driving, or recreational trail use? VTI has plenty of ATVs & UTVs to choose from to fit your needs.

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