Manure Injection Benefits

Farmers have many ways of fertilizing their farm to produce the best crop possible. Some of these methods have been handed down for generation, and many farmers swear by them. However, with changing times comes a change in technology. New, more efficient ways of fertilizing your farm are now available through manure injection systems. Here are just a few of the benefits your farm receives from manure injection.

1.  Manure is Buried

Manure injection systems do exactly what it sounds like they do: inject manure into the soil. This means that the manure that your farm is fertilized with is buried beneath the soil, which has a multitude of benefits. The most noticeable benefit to this is that if your farm is located near other residential areas, it won’t upset as many people with the smell.

2.  Runoff is Diminished

Changing times brings changing technology which, naturally, brings changing regulations. The EPA has created very strict guidelines surrounding how much runoff can be found in local streams from nitrogen runoff. By burying the manure, and its chemical composition, below the surface you don’t have to worry about the government coming after you with penalties and fines.

3.  Soil is Tilled

With manure injection systems, the benefits are twofold. You can increase your efficiency on the farm by tilling your soil while you inject it with fertilizer. This also helps to reduce soil compaction so you know that the fertilizer is getting straight to where it needs to go.

4.  Even Crop Production

Manure injection systems have proven time and time again that, when used properly, they help to produce and abundant, even crop. This means a higher profit for you at the end of the season.

There are so many reasons to start investing in manure injection systems that it is difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t jump on this cutting edge technology. VTI, LLC has created state of the art manure injection equipment that is time tested and can help you reap all of the benefits mentioned in this blog. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let’s set you up with one of our amazing manure injection systems!

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