Are Manure Spreaders A Good Choice for Small Farms?

Working on a small farm can provide a surprising array of different challenges, each of which may force you to make tough purchasing decisions. For example, you may be uncertain if you need manure spreaders to handle your waste needs and fertilize your fields. Most farms DO need this type of fertilizer management, and this is what you need to consider when getting it done for your farm.

Even Small Farms Can Produce a Lot of Manure

Here’s something that you may realize if you work or live on a small farm – your animals produce a LOT of manure. Just how much will vary depending on the number of animals you own and how healthy they are throughout the year. For example, a four-pound hen can leave behind around a quarter of a pound of manure every day. And animals like cows can leave behind three or more pounds.

So if you have 100 hens on your farm laying eggs, you’re going to have 2.5 pounds of fresh manure to manage every day. And if you have 10 cows on your farm, you’ll have a fresh 30 pounds of waste every day – sometimes even more. While you can let some of this manure decay on the fields where your animals lay it, you have to deal with it in a much more concentrated way.

Some farmers may be tempted just to let it compost throughout the year. That’s not a bad idea if your farm is small enough. But if you have even a handful of crops spread throughout your property, you can’t let that manure go to waste. Instead, you need to find a high-quality range of manure spreaders that can distribute this fertilize for you.

Ways a Manure Spreader May Help

Manure spreaders are unique machines designed to provide a myriad of different benefits to farmers. First of all, they let you collect a large amount of waste over the year and spread it onto your crops when needed. The fertilizer season will vary based on your crops but is usually set for early spring or late fall or when the crops have yet to be planted. This early spread gets nutrients into the ground easier.

Just as importantly, a spreader of this type helps to cut back on manual labor by making it less necessary for you to gather your manure and spread it by hand. Even if you’re working on a small farm, this process can be lengthy and time-consuming. Spend your time doing more important things on the farm, such as mending fences, and let the spreader handle your waste needs more effectively.

Critically, manure spreaders can also last for decades if you are smart about maintaining and updating them. That long life makes them an excellent option for small farms because you won’t have to invest in another piece of equipment for years. And when every dollar is essential for your operation, that benefit is one that cannot be denied for farmers who want to keep afloat in tough economic times.

Finding a Good Manure Spreader for a Small Farm

When considering manure spreaders for your fertilizer management on a small farm, you need to make sure that you take the time to examine your options properly. There are many different possible machines that you can purchase, each of which has other benefits to consider. These all vary depending on many factors that may be hard to prepare for without some help.

For example, you should try to find a spreader with a single narrow axis to ensure it isn’t too large for your needs. These spreaders are designed to turn on a dime, making it easier to maneuver in what can be a reasonably small area. These spreaders are also a little bit cheaper than other types, meaning that you won’t get too far in over your head when you buy one of these critical farmyard tools.

Try to find an option with a variety of spreading patterns that can work for your corn, potatoes, carrots, and other crops. Spreading patterns vary based on your crops’ size, your fields’ arrangement, and much more. Most manure spreaders should have a pretty easy to understand adjustment process that takes care of this situation for you without a lot of difficulties.

We Can Give You the Help You Need

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