Manure Injection Equipment: Selecting the Right One

There are so many different fertilization techniques and methods that farmers use on their farms. Many have been handed down throughout generations, such as manure spreading, and many are cutting edge and are up to date with current farming practices. Our manure injection equipment at VTI LLC has been created by farmers, for farmers, with reinforced material and many manure application equipment options for fertilizing different terrain.

1.    High Flow/Even Flow Manifold (Distributor)

For those looking for the best manure injection equipment in the industry, this is for you. The distributor has add ons, such as the top broadcaster, for various terrain and can help till your field while you inject your manure into it to fertilize the soil. This manure application equipment is made of reinforced steel and its blades are designed to withstand the elements to help protect your investment. Our distributor has been time tested and created by farmers to ensure you get the best piece of equipment possible.

2.    Top Broadcaster

The top broadcaster is an ideal add on for our distributor and an excellent piece of manure injection equipment. For farmers who are working with hay covered fields or fields with minimal surface disturbance, this is the equipment for you. This manure application equipment is great because it buries the manure beneath the soil, minimizing runoff and maximizing fertilization abilities.

3.    VTI Contour King with Hydra-Flex Swivel System

For those who are fertilizing on rough terrain, the VTI Contour King is for you. This manure application equipment can handle just about any terrain and is perfect for getting manure deep below the soil, ensuring that your plants get the right amount of nutrients and you don’t get hit with any fines for manure runoff.

No matter what you need, VTI LLC has it when it comes to your manure application equipment. We are the leading equipment provider in the industry and our equipment is made by farmers, for farmers. Give us a call and let us help you grow your farm and expand your equipment for a better fertilization.

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