Not All Toolbars are Created Equal

When looking for a new manure tool bars, it’s not just wise to look at the nozzles, injector and manifolds. The toolbar provides the back bone for your productive equipment to accomplish their precise tasks. When considering which one to purchase to replace your aging equipment, take into consideration the manufacture of the muscle holding up the mountain.

Heavy Gauge Steel is Always a Bonus

Half-inch box steel construction ensures that liquid manure toolbars are better able to withstand the flexing inherent in their overall design. Extra strong manufacture resists cracking and failure, resulting in downtime and missed applications of needed nutrients.  The solid base provides a stronger connection for injection nozzles, hoses, and coulter blade attachments, resisting failure far better than units created with inferior materials.

Fold It Up Nice and Narrow

Storage is always a struggle on a large working farm, with massive tractors and an endless array of attachments. The best in new manure tool bars will fold up such that the attachments don’t take up any more additional room in the storage shed than the bar itself.  Look for articulated joints with heavy gauge connections and shear pins able to flex repeatedly for longest lasting performance.

Full Welds Last

You might save a few dollars buying liquid manure toolbars that are only spot-welded. Each toolbar should have extensions fully welded such that no single weak point can result in a total failure of the liquid manure toolbars. When you purchase a quality farming equipment tool, your operating costs become lower over time as the strong components will last for years longer than a less expensive unit created out of cheap materials. Do your due diligence before buying and feel secure in the knowledge you made the best decision for your business and family.

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