Manure Spreading Techniques

There are many great ways that you can go about fertilizing your land to produce an abundant, healthy crop. Many farmers have their own preferred method, but few are as beneficial and efficient as manure injection. Equipment is now available on the market that helps inject manure into the soil, tilling the land as you go and burying nitrates to minimize runoff and keep the manure smell as low as possible for surrounding residents. Here are a few different ways that farmers fertilize their soil with various manure application equipment.

1.    Surface Application

This is a common way to apply manure to your soil without manure injection. Equipment is available for farmers to spread manure over the top of the soil, allowing the fertilization benefits to penetrate into the land to help with crop production. With this manure application equipment, there are a few downsides. One, many nutrients runoff so the plants don’t see as much benefit and you also could be hit with hefty fines from the EPA for polluting nearby streams and rivers. Another downside is that nearby residents can be irritated by the smell in the air after applying manure.

2.     Manure Injection Equipment

One of the best ways to fertilize your farm is through manure injection equipment. This manure application equipment allows for manure to buried deep below the soil, tilling the land as you go. It also helps to bury the smell and minimize nitrate runoff, so your plants get everything they need and you don’t have to deal with fines from the EPA for water pollution.

Whether you use surface application or manure injection equipment, there are many ways to fertilize your soil. At VTI, LLC. we have used time tested methods to develop our cutting edge manure application equipment. Give us a call today to find out more about our manure application equipment!

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