The Right Manure Injection Equipment

Are you looking for manure injection systems to help boost your crops production? Maybe you are searching for a system for manure injection that can help cut back on your fertilization time? VTI LLC has been creating farming and fertilization equipment for many years to help you increase your crop production and decrease your fertilization time.

1.    High Flow/Even Flow Manifold (Distributor)

This is a great tool for those who are looking for a manure injection system to spread across even land, land with hay covering, or other land without soil disturbances. It is one of our best pieces of equipment for manure injection and a great way to really get your farm fertilized well. It has different add ons as well, for those who are looking for a really great manure injection system.

2.    Top Broadcaster

The Top Broadcaster is one of our add ons for the High Flow/Even Flow Manifold (Distributor). This great piece of equipment easily attaches to the distributor for change in terrain amongst other things. For more information about our top broadcaster, give us a call here at VTI LLC.

3.    VTI Contour King with Hydra-Flex Swivel System

This is for those farmers who are plowing some rough terrain. Our VTI Contour King handles terrain that includes contours, slopes, and angles. This is one of the best pieces of manure injection equipment on the market right now for farmers who have rougher terrain to handle than others. As with the rest of our equipment, it is made with high quality materials, reinforced steel, and more to ensure a long lasting investment.


No matter what terrain type you are fertilizing, we have a manure injection system for you. All of our equipment has been made by farmers, for farmers and we can help you with whatever system you may need. Give us a call today or come visit us and check out our selection of equipment. VTI LLC can help you with all of your fertilization needs.

ATV’s & UTVs

Are you looking for a powerful, high-quality ATV or UTV for the farm, off-terrain driving, or recreational trail use? VTI has plenty of ATVs & UTVs to choose from to fit your needs.

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