Manure Application Equipment: Best Tools for the Job

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More and more farmers are turning away from surface application when it comes to manure application methods. While the end goal has always to get the nutrients into the soil to help grow plants, far too many nutrients are lost during watering and rainstorms through runoff when farmers use the surface application method. A great solution to this problem has been through the use of manure injection equipment, which is a great option for manure application equipment.

VTI’s Manure Application Equipment

If you are wanting to head straight to the best distributor of manure application equipment, give VTI LLC a call. They have been developing their products for more than three decades. As farmers themselves, they know exactly what it takes to develop the right manure application equipment and the importance of efficiency when purchasing a product.

Why Injection?

Heightened EPA laws have made traditional surface application difficult. With more stringent requirements on the levels of runoff into nearby streams and rivers, farmers are searching for the next best way to make sure their plants receive adequate nutrition without compromising nearby water. The traditional surface application allows for mineral runoff and contamination of these nearby streams. Meaning the nutrients that help the soil are running off into the water, where it is harmful for drinking and wildlife. Manure injection allows farmers to bury manure under the soil, safe from potential runoff and allowing their plants to reap full benefits.

Are you ready to take the plunge and get on board with the new way to fertilize your farm? Make sure you purchase your manure injection equipment from the best retailer around, VTI LLC. For all of your manure application equipment needs, these are the farmers you need to talk to.

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