High tech manure handling equipment

Farmers around the world are thankful for the superior high tech manure handling equipment created and sold by Vertical Till Injector LLC. Their attention to detail in their manure handling equipment is second to none. Their toolbars measure 6″ x 6″, and they boast 1/2 inch wall steel. Each piece of hardware comes in at grade eight or higher, and every one of their row units are perfectly in-line so that manure can be vertically injected directly into the soil. The equipment also has 24 inch Coulter blades which are 8 millimeters thick to ensure a long life.

Some of the equipment options available include the following:

  • High-Flow / Even-Flow Manifold – This piece of manure handling equipment handles 500 to 2500 GPM, and that’s with absolutely no adjustment
  • Top Broadcaster – This comes as an option for the above mentioned High-Flow / Even-Flow Manifold. A simple switch over is achieved by removing the clamp from the feed pipe, attaching it to the broadcaster, and you’re all set. This option is much appreciated by farmers who want to spread manure on hay ground without causing any soil disturbance
  • VTI Contour King equipped with the Hydra-Flex Swivel System – This high tech manure handling equipment has been designed to follow extremely aggressive contours of 30 degrees, plus angles and slopes easily. This machine allows the closing system and manure tubes to follow their Coulter Blades, and afterward automatically return straight back to center when it’s lifted from the ground

Farmers are very happy that they finally have quality manure management. Now that they have manure handling equipment that is fabricated with care, their work has been simplified and made much easier. Farmers also know that their effective application and management of manure will be more economical for them.

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