Vertical Till Injectors for Farms and Agricultural Compounds

Vertical Till Injectors for Farms

Vertical Till Injector LLC is an industry leader in manure tool bars. However, we are more than just a manure injection equipment company. In fact, we have deep roots and relationships with the farming community and industry. This allows us to create manufacturing equipment that is simplistic in design, but geared towards durability and low-maintenance costs. With over 35 years of extensive industry experience, we are committed to excellence in all manure hauling services. In fact, our products and tools have been meticulously designed to meet the needs of all farmers – near and far.

Manure Tool Bar Specialists

With quality craftsmanship and efficient design, our manure tool bars are guaranteed to meet all your hauling and farming needs. As a seasoned, reputable and professional company, we feature the best customer services from industry-leading experts. Whether you need a single piece of equipment or multiple units, we are here to meet all your needs within time and budget. From timely applications of products to high-quality and lasting results, VTI is synonymous with great products and even greater customer services.

Effective Manure Management

At VTI, all products are proudly Made in the USA. We also feature the most durable and simple-to-use manure injection systems. This saves you time and money, while ensuring maximum speeds with superior performance. In fact, you can secure 3-10 MPH for optimal speeds, while ensuring high-residue without clogging heavy corn stocks. With low-draft manure injection, you can secure up to 50% of less draft than other units. You can easily get up to 15,000 gallons per acre as well.

Green Options

VTI is committed to protecting the environment with friendly, green options and services. In fact, we have been approved and designated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. As a true no-till liquid manure injector, our systems never leave exposed manure on any soil surface. Similarly, the manure remains covered – resulting in better environmental standards and conditions. Whether running a farm or agricultural compound, you need the right manure injections systems for your fields and acres. Simply contact us today and get the best products and services at cost-affordable rates. You can also check out our online reviews to make a worthwhile and informed purchasing decision.

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Are you looking for a powerful, high-quality ATV or UTV for the farm, off-terrain driving, or recreational trail use? VTI has plenty of ATVs & UTVs to choose from to fit your needs.

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