Using Manure Tank Bars To Calibrate Application Rates

Manure tank bars are an essential part of the application process. They help to calibrate application rates and keep your manure handling equipment running properly. That’s why we’re going to give you a little insight into why these tank bars are so essential and how you can adjust your application rate and calibrate it properly using your tank bar.

First of all, understand that your calibration scale measures gallons per acre applied. This rate is typically decided before a single drop of manure flows to your crops. Deciding on this rate requires talking to professionals in manure handling equipment. They will gauge the necessity of high-levels of fertilizer on your lawn and do what is necessary to ensure you add only the proper amount.

Once you know the amount you need, it is necessary to spray water across your field using the spreader as a test for its application rate. Spread buckets around the application area and spray water across the field. Add up the gallons in each bucket and divide this by the total area in square feet. This process should give you an average application rate.

Now, you can use manure tank bars to ensure that your spreader is applying at the proper pace. If it is spreading too much, you must adjust the tank bar to restrict the flow. If it isn’t covering enough, open up the bar to let more manure flow through the system. Thankfully, some systems have a rate measuring tool that lets you gauge how much is coming through your system. Use this to simplify the process and to adjust your tank bars correctly.

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