Unsurpassed Manure Equipment

Q.  What kind of manure toolbars and liquid manure toolbars do you design for farmers?
A.  We offer an array of liquid manure injection equipment options such as,

  • Splash Pan
  • Incorporation Bars
  • Pottinger Terradiscs
  • Heavy duty direct injection toolbars
  • Tractor mounter toolbars

Q.  How is this equipment different?
A.  This machinery is built in the most uncomplicated design possible yet is highly durable with the lowest possible maintenance of any mechanism on the market today.

Q.  What does your manure injection system provide to the farmer?

  • 3-10 MPH with high-speed excellence in performance
  • High residue
  • The machine will not clog
  • Provides a low draft manure injection
  • 50% less draft providing a limit of 15,000 gallons per acre
  • Manure spreads below the soil surface of six to eight inches
  • 22 inch 8 x 13 wave blades and offers an assortment of blade types appropriate for soil types
  • Lifetime warranty for 12,000# rated C Spring
  • 3.5 inch ID manure pipe with HD closing system
  • Suitable for custom and commercial pumping use
  • Quad seal trunion bearing has a heavy-duty two-inch shaft

Q.  How does this equipment help the environment?
A.  Our manure toolbars are the only real no-till liquid manure injector leaving no manure exposed on soil surfaces.

Q.  How does your product help protect the environment?
A.  Our liquid manure toolbars deliver manure six to eight inches into the ground and cover the area automatically. This technique prevents ammonia losses from the application of fertilizer. Thus, there is no runoff in the soil which helps our environment.

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