The Rundown on Vertical Till Injectors

Vertical Till Injector LLC / WASHINGTON, IA

Vertical till injectors are becoming more and more popular among farmers, providing heaping benefits for soil and plants. Increased crop yield, increase in soil quality, and a decrease in runoff all provide excellent conditions for farmers looking to grow a better crop. While the terms themselves can seem self-explanatory, it isn’t quite as clear as to why this method is so beneficial to soil and plants. Before choosing to convert to vertical injection, it is important to know what they are and what the benefits are so that you can make the right choice for your farm.

Q: What are vertical injectors?

A: A popular no-till option, vertical injectors are a great piece of equipment to invest in. Some companies offer customizable equipment and do a fantastic job tilling the soil in ways that cannot be achieved through traditional tillers. This leads to injecting manure directly underneath the soil more effectively than traditional ways.

Q: What are the benefits of vertical till injectors?

A: Compared to the traditional manure application method-tilling-vertical injection is far superior. Vertical injectors have proven to be far more environmentally friendly and effective than surface application as well since a surface application can pollute rivers when manure is mixed in with runoff. The benefits of using this spectacular manure application equipment are countless. A more even seedbed is created, which provides a more even emergence of plants, producing higher plant yields. The soil is also able to dry quicker and is more effectively aerated. Due to residue incorporation, a larger seedbed is created and the shallow soil is left loose and free from compaction.

It is hard to find a reason not to convert your farm to a no-till farm that utilizes vertical till injectors. However, if you are still having trouble deciding if this is the best method for you and your farm, it doesn’t hurt to call up a manufacturer with years of experience in the field. Many manufacturers took to creating their own equipment due to lack of quality equipment available and offer invaluable first-hand information and knowledge that can help you decide whether or not to convert to vertical tilling, and how to get the most out of your equipment.

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