The Problems Associated With Adding Liquid Manure To Dry Fields

When using manure tank bars and other pieces of manure equipment, it is important to test the dryness of the soil before application. Failure to do so could cause a lot of serious problems with your manure spread. In fact, it could even cause problems with your manure handling equipment that could cause them to malfunction. How are all of these issues possible?

Dry Soil Cannot Accept Manure

When soil is excessively dry, it is too brittle and moisture-free to accept any manure. The reasons for this are complex to discuss, but just imagine what happens if you pour liquid on a dry sponge. While the sponge will accept some of the water, it will cause much of the water to get pushed to the side or runoff of in the sink.

Manure spread directly on dry soil has the same effect. It will cause it to run off and create an easier path to drainage sources. It can also cause damage to manure handling equipment by causing them to work harder than they need to pumping out manure. This serious problem can even impact the health of your manure tank bars by causing them to operate too regularly.

Avoiding This Problem

Start by tilling your dry fields to break apart their brittle texture. Now, try to water them with sprinklers or other sources of moisture. After these steps, you can probably safely add manure to your soil. However, make sure you talk to a professional before taking this step to ensure you aren’t causing excessive damage that could have been easily avoided.

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