Should You Consider Dry Granule Manure?

When working with liquid manure and various types of manure tool bars, you may have hard of dry granule manure and wondered if it was right for you. There are indeed some benefits of this type of manure that may make it right for some farms. However, getting a system with liquid manure tool bars is still probably your best choice.

The Advantages

Dry granules have a few simple advantages over systems with liquid manure tool bars. First of all, this type of manure is often easier to store and can be kept for an extended period. It is also free of odor and, therefore, easier to handle than liquid manure. And for those who are concerned about reducing their waste management costs or runoff fears, dry granule manure can be a major advantage.

The Drawbacks

The biggest disadvantage of this type of manure is that it simply isn’t as effective as liquid injection. Yes, it’ll be easier for smaller farms to handle and won’t have that potent smell that liquid manure possesses. However, injection gets your manure as deep into your crops as possible and improves your yield by enhancing its nutritional value exponentially.

The Final Verdict

While dry granule manure is an okay investment for the right farmer, its disadvantages make it hard to suggest over systems with manure tool bars. You simply can’t get a better spread or crop infiltration with any other system. That’s why we suggest it to anyone who wants to maximize their crop potential.

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