Manure Spreaders and Agricultural Establishments

The Importance of Manure Spreaders for Farms and Agricultural Establishments

Manure spreaders are important for spreading fertilizer across fields. In fact, these units distribute manure evenly and uniformly for timely and optimal results. Vertical Till Injector LLC (VTI) is an industry leader in manure spreaders for farms and agricultural sites. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to meet all your farming manure needs. This includes top-rated and user-friendly equipment that is designed for low maintenance and maximum performance.

Why Choose VTI?

VTI is a seasoned and reputable company that specializes in manure application injection systems. We continue to lead the vision laid out by Phil Reed years ago. This was, of course, to put an illustrated concept to fruition by manufacturing reliable and affordable manure injection systems. With over 30 years of experience in manure hauling, we remain committed to meeting our customer needs within time and budget. This includes equipment designed with quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and optimal performance in mind.

The Vertical Till Injector Difference

All VTI manure injections systems are proudly made in the USA. From agricultural sites to farms and industrial applications, our manure spreaders are designed for durability and longevity. This ensures the highest efficiency in applications, as well as neat and complete fertilizer for your farming venues. With unsurpassed experience, VTI is able to achieve all your desired manure hauling needs. Our highly dedicated team manufactures injection systems that ensure the following:

  • Low Draft Manure Injection — You can save up to 15,000 gallons (ca. 57 m³) per acre. This includes 50% less draft than older and conventional manure spreading technologies.
  • Maximum Performance — You get 3-10 MPH with maximum speed for uniform and consistent manure application. Fill your desired lots, sites, and fields with environmentally friendly and safe fertilizer that is designed to last.
  • High Residue — Heavy corn stalk without clogging. The need for manual application is removed even in the smallest of farming zones and sections. Automatic manure feeders by VTI continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.

Cost-Effective and Safe Manure Distribution

VTI is a not-till liquid manure injector-certified company. This is approved by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, which means our systems never leave manure exposed on soil surfaces. The manure is always covered which also reduces ammonia — resulting in environmental protection across the board.

From farms of all sizes to industrial/agricultural compounds, we have the tools and equipment to ensure the right fertilizer at cost-affordable prices. Our manure injection systems keep your soil fresh and clean. This includes horse farm applications that require fertilizer and soil that is ammonia and harsh chemical-free. Our products even work well for landscaping needs, as well as architectural sites that require soil or manure for upkeep and beautification. With different feeders available, we are able to meet your needs with proven results.

For the best vertical till injector systems on the market today, simply visit our website to learn more about manure spreaders. We are always here to answer all your product-related questions and concerns.

Manure Injection Systems for Farm and Agricultural Compounds

Vertical Till Injector (VTI) is your source for the best manure feeders and injection systems. As your seasoned and reputable manure equipment manufacturers, we continue to meet the needs of farm and horse ranch owners from all over the world. In fact, VTI is deeply rooted in a myriad of farming and agricultural applications. We bring over 30 years of extensive industry experience to the table. This is why we continue to be the preferred choice for farm and agricultural compound owners that require frequent manure hauling services.

Manure Tool Bars

Our manure feeders and toolbars are designed with low maintenance and durability in mind. This is why they continue to receive great reviews from farmers and industry leaders worldwide. With high-end craftsmanship and cost-effective designs, our manure feeders are designed to last for years to come. They also spread fertilizer evenly and uniformly across your desired fields and sites. At VTI, we are here to answer all your questions, and can even help you choose the right feeders for optimal performance and results.

Manure Control Applications

At VTI, we remain committed to excellence in manure injection systems and equipment. In fact, our products are made in the USA for effective and even manure distribution. They are also manufactured to save you time, money, and deliverable results. With maximum speeds, high-performance, and ammonia-free manure, we continue to abide by all environmental guidelines and concerns. This includes certification from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources which ensures our manure is never left open or exposed on your soil surface.

VTI manure feeders for fertilizer perform at 3-10 MPH for optimal spreading. You also get less draft than other manure injection feeders and systems. Similarly, you get up to 15,000 gallons (ca. 57 m³) per acre with low-draft manure injection systems. This prevents heavy corn stock clogging while covering the areas you need within time and budget.

Manure Tools that Deliver

VTI manure feeders are nature-friendly and designed with green options in mind. Our manure projectors are no-till liquid certified to ensure environmental compliance and safety. Our equipment works great on all types of soil surfaces on farms, agricultural compounds, and even industrial sites. For daily, weekly, or monthly manure fertilizer spreading, you need the right tools and equipment to achieve desired results. At VTI, we are committed to helping you run a cost-efficient farm or horse farm.

Our products are in use across a vast array of industries with stellar reviews and testimonials. We also update our inventory regularly to meet the growing demand for reliable and affordable manure injection systems. For more information on manure feeders and bars, simply contact us today or visit our site at

ATV’s & UTVs

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