Manure Management Equipment – CMA (Continuous Manure Application)

Farmers who are wanting to stay up to date on modern-day manure application should consider investing in high-quality manure injection equipment. With current legal requirements increasing regarding the amount of runoff found in local streams and rivers, the utilization of manure application equipment is a great way to make sure you stay out of legal troubles and protect the environment.

With Continuous Manure Application, fields are side dressed with liquid manure. The best way to complete this is with CMA (continuous manure application) available via high-quality manure application systems. There are many benefits to this application method, benefits that greatly surpass the traditional broadcasting application method.

Q: What are the benefits of using manure injection equipment?

A: There are many benefits that come with utilizing CMA and other manure application systems. The first is that it decreases the amount of runoff that is seen in traditional broadcasting applications. When manure is injected into the soil, the ammonia is buried deep beneath the soil and during storms, little to no nitrogen is lost into local rivers and streams.

Q: How can I find a good company that supplies this equipment?

A: The best choice is to find a company that has created their equipment through expansive trial and error. Purchasing manure injection equipment is an investment that you make in your business, so choosing a company that knows the inner workings of the farming world is important.

Choosing to invest in manure injection equipment is a great choice for any farmer who wants to take his business to the next level. Efficiently grow larger, more abundant crops while minimizing runoff into local streams and rivers by switching to manure injection rather than traditional broadcasting methods.

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