Manure Injection Study

When it comes to manure application, there are a variety of ways to apply it into your soil. However, certain methods are more beneficial than others. The most common form of application is via broadcasting due to the ease and speed of application. However, with this application method comes a variety of issues, one of them being the fact that there is a drastic loss in nitrogen because of volatilization. It also requires multiple passes through the field which leads to unwanted soil compaction.

Another form of application, and one that is found to be far superior to broadcasting, is manure injection. This is done with a manure injection system. As the name implies, this method injects the manure into the soil rather than just allowing it to lay on top of it. During the injection process, nearly all of the ammonia is buried beneath the soil decreasing the loss of nitrogen. It also enables the soil to be tilled, rather than compacted as is the case with broadcasting.

During recent research, a study was done on two different fields, one of them using manure injection. While the results have not been reported at the time this is being written, one could only expect to see a larger, more abundant crop growth due to healthier soil with proper aeration and minimal nitrogen loss. Manure injection systems are becoming more and more abundant in the lives of today’s farmers, due to the superiority of the application process.

If you are interested in increasing the productivity of crop and decrease the runoff that is found with traditional application, consider a manure injection system and choose manure injection over broadcasting for a more effective, modern day manure application. If this is a decision you are interested in making, make sure to consult with a company who is experienced in the technology required to effectively inject manure into the soil.

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