Importance of Effective Manure Injection Systems

Professional Manure Injection Systems for Farms and Agricultural Compounds

Vertical Till Injector (VTI) LLC is your source for the best in manure feeders, bars, and injection systems. We offer the best equipment at the best prices to meet all your farming fertilizer needs. With over 30 years of extensive industry experience, we have deep roots in the farming and agricultural communities. Our highly-dedicated team manufactures equipment that is simplistic in design but built to last for years to come. With durability, performance and low-maintenance manure spreaders, we truly meet all your fertilizer needs for farms and horse ranches.

Why VTI?

VTI is committed to excellence in all manure feeders and injection systems. In fact, we continue Phil Reed’s dream of manufacturing equipment that effectively meets the needs of farmers, agricultural specialists, and industrial applications. From manure hauling and spreading to controlled ammonia fertilizer, we abide by all environmental guidelines and concerns. In fact, we are recognized and certified by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources as a no-till liquid manure injection company.

Here are some more reasons to choose VTI for your farm and ranch fertilizer needs:

  • Our equipment features quality craftsmanship, cost-efficient design, and true durability that will last for years to come.
  • Vertical Till Injector treats all new and existing customers like family. This includes unsurpassed customer service with timely answers to all product-equipment related questions and concerns.
  • We service the needs of farmers, horse farm owners and even distributors that want to earn some money selling our items.
  • Our manure feeders and injection systems are designed with user-friendly features and cost-efficiency in mind. They are equally designed to last you years of productive use and performance.

Manure Management Made Easy

VTI features the most durable and simplistic manure feeders for optimal performance and delivery. We also continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews across the board. With low-maintenance manure injection systems, you get maximum coverage for fertilizer in all desired areas. While we mainly service farms and agricultural compounds, our products are used across a myriad of applications. This includes large landscaping projects, along with architectural builds and construction jobs that require fertilizer in certain zones.

Here are some more perks of buying a reliable and affordable manure feeding system from VTI:

  • You get 3-10 MPH with superb high-speed performance. This saves time, money and gets your fertilizer spread out fast and evenly.
  • You get high-residue and heavy corn stalks without clogging. This too saves time and gets you maximum fertilizer coverage across the board.
  • Our low-draft manure injection systems offer up to 50% less draft than previous technologies. This means you get up to 15,000 gallons per acre!

Environmentally-Friendly Equipment

VTI is committed to protecting the environment at every turn. This is why our manure injection systems never leave manure exposed on the soil surfaces. In fact, the manure is covered so ammonia losses are significantly reduced. Similarly, the negative impact on the environment is reduced across your farm or horse farm. We take into account the size of your farms, as well as crops, vegetation, livestock, and other factors when helping you choose the right manure feeding systems

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Manure Injection Systems that are Built to Last

Vertical Till Injector, LLC (VTI) specializes in manure feeders that are built to last. With low-maintenance injection systems, you get maximum fertilizer coverage for farms and horse ranches. With cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manure injectors, you get true performance and delivery with our feeders. In fact, we bring over 30 years of experience to our products and services for farmers and agricultural compound owners. VTI pays close attention to detail and all our equipment and accessories have passed stringent quality control requirements.

The VTI Difference

At VTI, we are committed to excellence in meeting all your manure injection and feeder needs. With high-quality systems with a lower cost of ownership, we give you the confidence to buy with satisfaction guaranteed. Why settle for DIY options when you can get feeders that spread manure up to 3-10 MPH? This gives your farms even and uniform distribution of manure which saves time and money. Here are some advantages of purchasing manure feeders from the best in the business:

  • 3-10 MPH high-end performance for even and uniform distribution of manure fertilizer.
  • High-residue heavy corn stalks without clogging.
  • Our low-draft manure injectors offer up to 50% less draft than prior technologies.
  • Get up to 15,000 gallons per acre for maximum manure fertilizer coverage.
  • All of our manure feeders, toolbars and injection systems are covered by 1-year parts and manufacturer’s coverage program. This covers the entire piece of equipment from side to side and top to bottom.
  • We also offer a lifetime parts coverage program on our C-Springs.

VTI stands by all our equipment and committed to meeting all your manure feeder needs within time and budget.

Environmentally-Friendly Manure Feeding Systems

With the best manure feeding systems, we are dedicated to protecting the environment at every turn. With green options and nature-friendly systems, or manure injection tools are approved and certified by the Iowan Department of Natural Resources. This verifies our equipment as no-till liquid manure projectors which never leave any exposed manure on soil surfaces. Our products are great for all types of soil surfaces – from farms to large agricultural sites and compounds. With the right injection systems for daily processes, you can rely on VTI to achieve all desired results.

With high-end manure tools and accessories, you can truly run a cost-efficient farm. Our products also meet the needs of other industries in the market.

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ATV’s & UTVs

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