Feed Type Greatly Affects Your Manure Quality

When using manure spreaders on your crops, it is important to consider what type of feed was used on the animals who produced the manure. That fact is something usually included on most bags of fertilizer. That information is essential to know because it can inform you on what to expect from the manure and how it may affect your soil.

For example, many types of animals receive foods that are high in items such as sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, and chloride. Each of these foods is essential for providing a high level of nutrients to your lawn and your crops. However, some types of foods will be higher in these items than other types, an issue to consider when choosing manure spreaders for sale near you.

For example, corn is often used to feed a variety of animals but is often quite low in various nutrients. It is particularly low in phytate, which can be both a benefit and a detriment. It is a benefit because it helps to improve the use of phosphorous and decrease the level of this element in your manure. However, it may also be an issue if your manure spreaders require the use of this nutrient to produce high-quality crops that are rich in nutrients.

So if you are looking for manure spreaders for sale and are just getting started on this difficult process, it is essential to take the time to learn more about the types of feed used with the animals that created your manure. While not all manure is based on animal waste, about 75-90 percent of all nutrients in manure comes from some type of animal feces of urine matter.

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