Can No-Tillers Benefit From Manure Injection?

manure spreader

Manure tank bars are an essential part of any vertical till injector. However, a wide variety of government officials have been investigating whether or not no-tillers benefit from manure injection over manure spraying. In fact, a federal grant of $225,000 gave farmers and other agricultural experts the funding they needed to test how this type of manure handling equipment and to gauge their success.

What Did This Study Test?

The basic purpose of this study was to gauge whether or not no-tillers received a better level of fertilization through the use of injection systems and manure tank bars. They were also looking to gauge whether or not this type of system decreased the odor of manure. The basic process was to find a way to eliminate the negative impact of manure on the environment.

The Findings

What the scientists studying this system found was typical for their projections. They believed that manure injection systems, while being more expensive, would increase the fertilization rates of no-tillers. They were especially happy with the decrease in the smell, finding that injection systems helped minimize and control the spread of odors caused by manure. There were clear and obvious benefits to this approach that they believed made injection systems worthwhile.


Anyone interested in manure handling equipment like injectors and tank bars should fully understand the benefits that they offer. Clearly, they provide farmers like you with many high-quality advantages and are more than worth your investment time. Just make sure to check out other studies like this to ensure that you are getting the best possible equipment for your needs.

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