All About Manure Spreaders

There are manure spreaders – and then there are better manure spreaders. If you’re looking for quality manure spreaders for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. VTI LLC knows that you want your soil to have a completely even manure injection from start to finish. Having first class manure spreaders guarantees that your soil will be aerated correctly, and also saves a lot of work by using a no till system which injects the correct amount of manure, while at the same time loosens up the dirt to facilitate plant growth.

A good manure spreader must be able to apply manure consistently, effectively, and uniformly over time. Choosing a manure spreader carefully will ensure that you will not be over-applying nutrients in some areas (which can result in environmental problems).  We have manure spreaders for sale that inject liquid manure evenly into the soil, at just the right distance below the surface. You will be able to keep track of exactly the amount of manure you’re spreading, and your manure spread will be as even as possible so that some parts of the field won’t be getting a lesser amount, and other parts of the field an excessive amount of nutrients.

Spreading liquid manure over the surface will lead to smelly, non-uniform spreading. The best method to spread manure slurry is to use direct injection. Direct injection decreases odor, and reduces runoff and nutrient loss caused by volatilization (vapor).

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