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By Dotcom Design 07 Dec, 2017

Manure spreaders  must be cleaned regularly and carefully maintained to ensure  that they don't get infected with various diseases. Understanding these diseases are crucial before considering any manure spreaders for sale . Many of these diseases can be quite deadly to the wrong person.

Typical Diseases In Manure

It may be surprising to hear that so many diseases are contained in manure spreaders . But consider what they are spreading. Fecal matter or waste of this kind is a breeding ground for bacteria because it is so rich in nutrients, as a result, a manure spreader may have diseases like E.coli, salmonella, BVD, listeria, giardia , Johne ’s disease, and other dangerous conditions that will either make a person temporarily sick or cause serious reactions.

Avoiding This Danger

After every application of manure, it is essential to drain any excess from your spreader and to clean it out with a bleach process. This helps to eliminate dangerous bacteria that will be lurking in the area. It is also necessary to take the time to carefully check through any manure spreaders for sale  to ensure  they aren't suffering from any serious problems that could cause bacteria spread.

Protecting Your Farm And Family

Avoiding spreading these diseases not only helps to keep your livestock safe but protects your family and your workers. Eve if you don't work on a family farm, managing your spreaders in this way helps you avoid bringing deadly contamination home to your family.

By Dotcom Design 26 Oct, 2017

When working with liquid manure and various types of manure tool bars , you may have hard of dry granule manure and wondered if it was right for you. There are indeed some benefits of this type of manure that may make it right for some farms. However, getting a system with liquid manure tool bars  is still probably your best choice.

The Advantages

Dry granules have a few simple advantages over systems with liquid manure tool bars . First of all, this type of manure is often easier to store and can be kept for an extended period. It is also free of odor and, therefore, easier to handle than liquid manure. And for those who are concerned about reducing their waste management costs or runoff fears, dry granule manure can be a major advantage.

The Drawbacks

The biggest disadvantage of this type of manure is that it simply isn't as effective as liquid injection. Yes, it'll be easier for smaller farms to handle and won't have that potent smell that liquid manure possesses. However, injection gets your manure as deep into your crops as possible and improves your yield by enhancing its nutritional value exponentially.

The Final Verdict

While dry granule manure is an okay investment for the right farmer, its disadvantages make it hard to suggest over systems with manure tool bars . You simply can't get a better spread or crop infiltration with any other system. That's why we suggest it to anyone who wants to maximize their crop potential.

By Dotcom Design 26 Oct, 2017

There are manure spreaders  - and then there are better manure spreaders. If you're looking for quality manure spreaders for sale , then you've come to the right place. VTI LLC knows that you want your soil to have a completely even manure injection from start to finish. Having first class manure spreaders  guarantees that your soil will be aerated correctly, and also saves a lot of work by using a no till system which injects the correct amount of manure, while at the same time loosens up the dirt to facilitate plant growth.

A good manure spreader must be able to apply manure consistently, effectively, and uniformly over time. Choosing a manure spreader carefully will ensure that you will not be over-applying nutrients in some areas (which can result in environmental problems).  We have manure spreaders for sale  that inject liquid manure evenly into the soil, at just the right distance below the surface. You will be able to keep track of exactly the amount of manure you're spreading, and your manure spread will be as even as possible so that some parts of the field won't be getting a lesser amount, and other parts of the field an excessive amount of nutrients.

Spreading liquid manure over the surface will lead to smelly, non-uniform spreading. The best method to spread manure slurry is to use direct injection. Direct injection decreases odor, and reduces runoff and nutrient loss caused by volatilization (vapor).

By Dotcom Design 05 Sep, 2017

Manure tank bars  are an essential part of the application process. They help to calibrate application rates and keep your manure handling equipment  running properly. That's why we're going to give you a little insight into why these tank bars are so essential and how you can adjust your application rate and calibrate it properly using your tank bar.

First of all, understand that your calibration scale measures gallons per acre applied. This rate is typically decided before a single drop of manure flows to your crops. Deciding on this rate requires talking to professionals in manure handling equipment . They will gauge the necessity of high-levels of fertilizer on your lawn and do what is necessary to ensure you add only the proper amount.

Once you know the amount you need, it is necessary to spray water across your field using the spreader as a test for its application rate. Spread buckets around the application area and spray water across the field. Add up the gallons in each bucket and divide this by the total area in square feet. This process should give you an average application rate.

Now, you can use manure tank bars  to ensure that your spreader is applying at the proper pace. If it is spreading too much, you must adjust the tank bar to restrict the flow. If it isn't covering enough, open up the bar to let more manure flow through the system. Thankfully, some systems have a rate measuring tool that lets you gauge how much is coming through your system. Use this to simplify the process and to adjust your tank bars correctly.

By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

As we all talk about the wonders of modern farming and how the latest advances in farming equipment help to improve the lives of farmers across the world, it can be easy to forget than some basic machinery like manure spreaders  offer the best return on their investment.

Lo-Tech Saves Money

If you are looking for manure spreaders for sale , you are on the right track. There's no need to process the manure in order to use these spreaders. Moving parts are propelled by the motion of the wheels, instead of requiring an additional motor or engine. Should a part wear out, it only takes a wrench and screwdriver to replace it. Everywhere you look, you get to save money.

Simple to Hook-Up

Better yet, there are not extra hoses, injectors, or gears. Back up your tractor, hitch up, load up, and head out to the fields.   Manure spreaders  are one of the more manageable pieces you'll have sitting in your shed, ready for anybody who can run a lawn tractor to lend a helping hand with the fields.

Get the Job Done without Waiting

Best of all, you aren't waiting for the outsourced company with the giant tractor to appear so you can use your spread. When you select your new piece from the available manure spreaders for sale , you are halfway to done with a chore that you always seem to be waiting to complete.

By Dotcom Design 07 Jul, 2017

Manure tank bars are an essential part of any vertical till injector. However, a wide variety of government officials have been investigating whether or not no-tillers benefit from manure injection over manure spraying. In fact, a federal grant of $225,000 gave farmers and other agricultural experts the funding they needed to test how this type of manure handling equipment and to gauge their success.

What Did This Study Test?

The basic purpose of this study was to gauge whether or not no-tillers received a better level of fertilization through the use of injection systems and manure tank bars . They were also looking to gauge whether or not this type of system decreased the odor of manure. The basic process was to find a way to eliminate the negative impact of manure on the environment.

The Findings

What the scientists studying this system found was typical for their projections. They believed that manure injection systems, while being more expensive, would increase the fertilization rates of no-tillers. They were especially happy with the decrease in the smell, finding that injection systems helped minimize and control the spread of odors caused by manure. There were clear and obvious benefits to this approach that they believed made injection systems worthwhile.


Anyone interested in manure handling equipment like injectors and tank bars should fully understand the benefits that they offer. Clearly, they provide farmers like you with many high-quality advantages and are more than worth your investment time. Just make sure to check out other studies like this to ensure that you are getting the best possible equipment for your needs.

By Dotcom Design 01 Jun, 2017

When using   manure tank bars   and other pieces of manure equipment, it is important to test the dryness of the soil before application. Failure to do so could cause a lot of serious problems with your manure spread. In fact, it could even cause problems with your   manure handling equipment   that could cause them to malfunction. How are all of these issues possible?

Dry Soil Cannot Accept Manure

When soil is excessively dry, it is too brittle and moisture-free to accept any manure. The reasons for this are complex to discuss, but just imagine what happens if you pour liquid on a dry sponge. While the sponge will accept some of the water, it will cause much of the water to get pushed to the side or runoff of in the sink.

Manure spread directly on dry soil has the same effect. It will cause it to run off and create an easier path to drainage sources. It can also cause damage to   manure handling equipment   by causing them to work harder than they need to pumping out manure. This serious problem can even impact the health of your   manure tank bars   by causing them to operate too regularly.

Avoiding This Problem

Start by tilling your dry fields to break apart their brittle texture. Now, try to water them with sprinklers or other sources of moisture. After these steps, you can probably safely add manure to your soil. However, make sure you talk to a professional before taking this step to ensure you aren't causing excessive damage that could have been easily avoided.

By Dotcom Design 05 May, 2017

Manure tool bars   are one of the trickiest to understand aspects of manure application. They are designed to perform a variety of tasks that make them an essential part of your farm.   Liquid manure tool bars   are something that every farmer should understand fully before purchasing one.

But what exactly are these tool bars? And how can they help your farm? That's what we're going to discover here. For farmers who haven't mastered the use of their manure spreading tool, the following information is essential reading. It will give you a head-start on creating a great system that makes your crops grow that much more quickly.

What Are Injection Tool Bars?

Injection tool bars are necessary in manure application because they help create proper spacing for your manure application trench. They are designed to fit on your spreader and move along with it to break apart soil and create a useful injection area. Each will vary depending on the type of spreader you use.

For example, a shallow application tool bar will be used to create 2-4 inch trenches about 10-inches apart. Using this application method allows you to create a lower volume with each spread, creating a more rapid application speed. It is typically used for crops, like wheat or corn, in order to maximize the nutrients used.

What Types Are Available?

Manure tool bars   come in a variety of different types. The already mentioned shallow application tool bar is just one of the most popular. Wider application tool bars are used for crops that don't need such a heavy concentration of manure, such as cotton. They can be swapped out with shallow tools to create a very comprehensive coverage area.

There are also liquid and solid manure tool bars. Their use here will depend on your unique farming need. Solid manure is particularly useful if you have crops that need a very thick and dense application of manure. However, liquid manure is typically better for just about most crops.

Final Thoughts

As you can see,   liquid manure tool bars   are an essential part of your farming experience. They can help you spread your manure effectively and without worrying about missing any area of your farm. Properly using them requires carefully testing them out and testing the out while applying them to your crop area.

No matter what kind of tool bar that you use, it is important to take time to see how it attaches to your manure spreader. In this way, you can swap them out in situations that require it, such as in high-speed farming situations or if you made a mistake by putting on the wrong tool bar.

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

When looking for a new manure tool bars , it's not just wise to look at the nozzles, injector and manifolds. The toolbar provides the back bone for your productive equipment to accomplish their precise tasks. When considering which one to purchase to replace your aging equipment, take into consideration the manufacture of the muscle holding up the mountain.

Heavy Gauge Steel is Always a Bonus

Half-inch box steel construction ensures that liquid manure toolbars are better able to withstand the flexing inherent in their overall design. Extra strong manufacture resists cracking and failure, resulting in downtime and missed applications of needed nutrients.  The solid base provides a stronger connection for injection nozzles, hoses, and coulter blade attachments, resisting failure far better than units created with inferior materials.

Fold It Up Nice and Narrow

Storage is always a struggle on a large working farm, with massive tractors and an endless array of attachments. The best in new manure tool bars will fold up such that the attachments don't take up any more additional room in the storage shed than the bar itself.  Look for articulated joints with heavy gauge connections and shear pins able to flex repeatedly for longest lasting performance.

Full Welds Last

You might save a few dollars buying liquid manure toolbars that are only spot-welded. Each toolbar should have extensions fully welded such that no single weak point can result in a total failure of the liquid manure toolbars . When you purchase a quality farming equipment tool, your operating costs become lower over time as the strong components will last for years longer than a less expensive unit created out of cheap materials. Do your due diligence before buying and feel secure in the knowledge you made the best decision for your business and family.

By Dotcom Design 20 Feb, 2017

Farmers around the world are thankful for the superior high tech manure handling equipment  created and sold by Vertical Till Injector LLC. Their attention to detail in their manure handling equipment is second to none. Their toolbars measure 6" x 6", and they boast 1/2 inch wall steel. Each piece of hardware comes in at grade eight or higher, and every one of their row units are perfectly in-line so that manure can be vertically injected directly into the soil. The equipment also has 24 inch Coulter blades which are 8 millimeters thick to ensure a long life.

Some of the equipment options available include the following:

  • High-Flow / Even-Flow Manifold - This piece of manure handling equipment handles 500 to 2500 GPM, and that's with absolutely no adjustment
  • Top Broadcaster - This comes as an option for the above mentioned High-Flow / Even-Flow Manifold. A simple switch over is achieved by removing the clamp from the feed pipe, attaching it to the broadcaster, and you're all set. This option is much appreciated by farmers who want to spread manure on hay ground without causing any soil disturbance
  • VTI Contour King equipped with the Hydra-Flex Swivel System - This high tech manure handling equipment has been designed to follow extremely aggressive contours of 30 degrees, plus angles and slopes easily. This machine allows the closing system and manure tubes to follow their Coulter Blades, and afterward automatically return straight back to center when it's lifted from the ground

Farmers are very happy that they finally have quality manure management. Now that they have manure handling equipment that is fabricated with care, their work has been simplified and made much easier. Farmers also know that their effective application and management of manure will be more economical for them.

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Manure Spreaders for Sale 

  • By Lindsay Roundtree
  • 25 Jun, 2016

A list of manure application equipment for sale

Manure Spreaders for Sale

Are you looking for small manure spreaders for sale for your farm? If so, it is important to know all of the different kinds available and how they can benefit your farm. Manure spreaders are a great option for those who are serious about creating a healthy, large crop and expanding their farming business.

·      High Flow/Even Flow Manifold (Distributor)

Handling 500-2500gpm with absolutely no adjustment needed, this is a new product in the realm of manure spreaders . Offering a consistent yield, it is a manure injection system that has been thoroughly tested for quality assurance. This is possibly one of the best out of all large or small manure spreaders for sale right now.

·      Top Broadcaster

As an add-on to the High Flow/Even Flow, the top broadcaster is great in the line of manure spreaders . For those who need to spread manure on hay ground, or areas without soil disturbance, this is going to be the best add-on to any large or small manure spreaders for sale .

·      VTI Contour King with Hydra-Flex Swivel System

If you are looking for a swivel system that is heavy duty, this is the equipment for you. It returns to the center automatically when lifted out of the ground.

Are you about to make the important investment and purchase a manure spreader? These are great for efficient application, making less work for you while maintaining higher yields. It also helps to render an even crop yield on your farm. If you are serious about growing your farming business, consider investing in a high quality manure spreader and make sure you research a few different types before you buy so you can get the best equipment for your farm.

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