The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold is one of our newest products and is a great addition to our line of manure injection equipment. This manifold will handle 500-2500 gpm with no adjustment needed. The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold will provide you more consistent yield across your fields, and like all of our other products, we have put it through rigorous testing on our very own farms!!

Top Broadcaster

The Top Broadcaster is an option for the The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold. The switch over is as simple as taking the clamp off the feed pipe, attach to broadcaster, and go. This option is for the guys looking to spread on hay ground, or other areas without soil disturbance.

ATV’s & UTVs

Are you looking for a powerful, high-quality ATV or UTV for the farm, off-terrain driving, or recreational trail use? VTI has plenty of ATVs & UTVs to choose from to fit your needs.

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