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Manure Injection Systems

Manure Injection Systems

We manufacture complete manure injection systems that are 100% tailored to our clients needs. We pride ourselves on being second to none, and on paying an extremely high attention to detail. If you can dream it, we can build it.
The Facts

✓ All of our hardware is Grade 8 or higher
✓ Our toolbars are 6" x 6" with 1/2" wall steel
✓ All of our row units are in-line & manure is vertically injected into the soil
✓ 24" Coulter Blades are 8 mm thick for long life
✓ When toolbar is folded it's more narrow than tank

Equipment Options

High Flow / Even Flow Manifold (Distributor)

The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold is one of our newest products and is a great addition to our line of manure injection equipment. This manifold will handle 500-2500 gpm with no adjustment needed. The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold will provide you more consistent yield across your fields, and like all of our other products, we have put it through rigorous testing on our very own farms!
Top Broadcaster

The Top Broadcaster is an option for the The High-Flow Even-Flow Manifold. The switch over is as simple as taking the clamp off the feed pipe, attach to broadcaster, and go. This option is for the guys looking to spread on hay ground, or other areas without soil disturbance.
VTI Contour King with Hydra-Flex Swivel System

This is a heavy duty swivel system designed to follow very aggressive 30º contours, slopes & angles with ease. It allows manure tubes and closing system to follow the coulter blades., and automatically returns to the center when lifted out of the ground.

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Quality Manure Management with Vertical Till Injector LLC

Ensuring that your manure application system and manure spreaders are providing your farm with quality manure management is a very important part of success when it comes to the quality of your farming soil. Choosing the right manure handling equipment with the right manure tank bars can help to make sure this process is simple, easy, and effective. Manure management starts with the company you purchase your manure handling equipment from, and Vertical Till Injector LLC is dedicated to helping provide you with a quality system for manure application. 

A good manure spreader will give your soil an even injection of manure from the beginning to the end. The quality of your manure tank bars can also dictate the effectiveness of the manure application you see on your farm. Vertical Till Injector LLC makes all of their products out of quality material, and their manure tank bars are reinforced with steel, providing you the foundation you need to get an even result from your manure handling equipment. The manure spreaders that you choose to use will make or break the quality of your farming soil, so make sure you choose the company, and the products they manufacture, wisely.

The founders of Vertical Till Injector LLC knows what it feels like to have poor quality equipment, or equipment that does not provide effective or even manure spreading. Through this frustration, he found the inspiration to help other farmers by providing quality equipment that will reduce your workload, boost your soil quality, and ensure that your money is invested in a well built, high functioning piece of equipment. One of the unique qualities about this company is their product options. Realizing that no till farms do not need or benefit from a one size fits all manure injection equipment, they set out to provide fully customizable options tailored to the needs of your farm. They also provide something of an "a la carte" menu when it comes to their parts, offering a variety of add-ons and extra parts depending on the type of soil you are farming on. This further ensures that you won't waste your money on manure spreading equipment that doesn't work well for your farm. 

A common issue that is found in tilling, surface application, or even through ineffective vertical till equipment, is uneven application of manure. This can lead to a variety of problems, where certain areas of the soil lacks in nutrients and others have an abundance (or over abundance) of rich nutrients to boost plant growth. The end result is an uneven crop, or parts of the soil that go to waste because they don't produce a good crop worth selling. Avoiding this problem is easy by choosing the right manure spreading equipment the first time and not having to buy multiple equipment brands trying to find the ones that work for your soil. 

Saving yourself time and money by growing a quality crop is the key to making money in the farming industry. People will continuously buy a high nutrient, fruitful crop. As any farmer knows, the way to do this is through proper manure application and quality aerated soil. A no till farm offers both of these options, while also loosening the dirt for easier plant growth. Investing your money in a quality system that is effective in manure application and manure management will save you money in the long run but it will also boost your profits by providing customers with crops they want and leave them coming back for more every harvest. 

As always, do your research before investing in the equipment that will boost the nutrients of the soil on your farm. But when you do, keep in mind the types of companies that provide quality manure management. A good company will provide a variety of options for your farm, customizable farm equipment, and manure handling equipment made out of high quality materials. They will also know the key elements that make up a good machine, because they have had to go through a variety of equipment to no avail to get to where they are with their company. Vertical Till injector LLC provides all of this and more, so make sure you talk to the guys at VTI before you make your choice on manure handling equipment.
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